Leapstream Standard 4MB (Up to 10 computers*)

  • $50/Mo. + $200 Install
  • Requires 2-year contract

Leapstream SOHO 6MB (Up to 10 computers & 1 static IP)

  • $70/Mo. + $200 Install
  • Requires 2-year contract

Leapstream Pro 10MB (Up to 25 computers & 2 static IPs)

  • $90/Mo. + $250 Install
  • Requires 2-year contract

Free site survey to make sure you are capable of receiving the service. First month and installation fee due upon installation. Custom packages are also available upon request.

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All Packages Include

  • Outdoor Rated Antenna
  • 50’ Outdoor Ethernet Cable
  • Wireless Router
  • Installation and Testing

Pay Annually and get 1 month free

Leapstream Wireless is a division of MCS Office Technologies
* Installation includes wiring to one computer. The rest of your devices will be able to utilize the provided wireless router.
** More email addresses available for an additional charge.