Seven reasons to be our customer!

  1. Hundreds of satisfied customers
    We have supplied countless solutions and technology products to our continuously expanding customer and service area. Whether your work is business critical or regularly scheduled maintenance, our staff strives to provide high quality service.
  2. Commitment to quality service
    Our company has always stood by the motto "Service that Makes a Difference". We strive to provide courteous and expedient service to our customers. MCS understands that, when your computer systems or network is down, time is money. Our commitment to quality extends to all our products and services.
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  3. Start to finish solutions
    Because of our experience in the IT industry and access to technology products, we supply complete, turn-key solutions to our customers. We discuss different options for implementation, fully document the project, present a cost analysis, implement the solution, and fully maintain and support the implemented solution. View our solutions and case studies »
  4. Quick response time
    At MCS we are always available to take your call! Work orders for scheduled work are placed in a priority queue, allowing us to focus on your highly important service requests.
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  5. Experienced staff
    Our trained staff has diverse and quantified experience in areas such as servers, cloud solutions, networking, cabling, PCs, laptops, tablets, wireless technologies, support, and repair. We supply the resources necessary to complete all aspects of a technology-based project, reducing the headaches of outsourcing or having to find multiple companies to complete one job. Read more »
  6. Competitive pricing
  7. We work with hundreds of different vendors, always looking for the best availability in price and quality. We scour our numerous sources and provide you with competitive quotes and cost savings. 
  8. Thousands of available products
    MCS has access to nearly every technology product available! We continue to strategically align ourselves with other leading companies, and create partnerships to offer an impressive array of industry-standard hardware and software. See our available product lines »