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Gibson City, Elliott, and Melvin


What we provide

  • A wireless radio (will be mounted on your roof, side of house, or other mounting area)*
  • 50-foot shielded Ethernet cable (to go from the wireless radio to your business/home)   
  • Labor


After we receive your order, our installers will call you to schedule a time that is convenient for you. Installs take place weekdays between 7AM and 5PM. Installation time is about two hours.


The installer will confirm if you qualify for service and will discuss with you where the antenna will be placed.


The installer will mount the antenna on your roof, side of house, or other mounting area as necessary to obtain the best signal.*


A shielded Ethernet cable is ran from the antenna and is terminated inside your home. The standard installation does not include any in-building cabling beyond the initial cable run for the antenna. In many cases those services are available for an additional charge, please contact our office for details.

Connection Verified

The connection is tested to make sure the Internet connection is functioning properly.

*If you need a non-penetrating roof mount (antenna mounting sled) this is an additional charge and not included as a part of a standard installation.

Free Site Survey

We offer a site survey at no charge to ensure your location qualifies for Leapstream service.

Tired of slow Internet?
Leapstream has you covered!

  • Fast and dependable
  • 24/7 internet connectivity
  • Internet browsing, email,
  • Video streaming, etc.
  • NO usage caps - unlimited data!