Computer Sales & Service

Data Migration

Our trained engineers can transfer data from defective or outdated systems to new systems. We save your documents, pictures, favorites, emails, contacts, and other important files so you won't lose a thing.

System Restore & Disaster Recovery

If your system has been hit by lighting or has become unbootable from a software or hardware error, MCS can usually salvage your data. We are experienced with system reloads and restores, returning your PC to its out-of-box performance.

Malware, Spyware, & Virus Removal

Every day, new viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware circulate the Internet. Our staff is experienced in removing cumbersome viruses and fixing systems hijacked by malware or spyware. We recommend solutions and provide tools to prevent system infections from occurring in the future.

System Cleanup

Want a clean PC? MCS can remove unnecessary programs from your PC, installing updates and upgrades as needed to improve your computer's lifespan and performance!


MCS offers the right hardware, customized to allow for productivity. Whether it is a PC, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device for business or personal use, MCS can provide the proper solution to meet your needs.


We offer maintenance contracts and leasing opportunities, providing the benefit of our quality service and support without large upfront initial costs. Contact our office for information on leasing.