Expanding The Network

With thirteen locations, Alliance Grain is a large grain elevator co-op in Central Illinois. Since each remote location is in charge of grain purchases for the day, Alliance Grain needed a reliable way to connect the locations back to headquarters.

Seeking a better way to consolidate their connections and reduce monthly costs, Alliance Grain decided to contract MCS to design a solution that would increase their effective throughput to the corporate network Using an entry point at the Gibson City location for Internet service and firewall hardware, MCS Office Technologies used 5.8Ghz Ubiquiti wireless radios to create efficient wireless bridges.

Joe Thompson, Chief Executive Officer for Alliance Grain, notes that reliability and cost-effectiveness are two of the most important benefits to this wireless solution:

"We were looking at different high-speed Internet services that were available in the areas, but reliability and the unavailability of an ISP at several of our smaller locations were large concerns. MCS is much easier to deal with than the separate companies and we are achieving higher reliability and much, much faster service. We are extremely pleased with this new setup."

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Connect all Alliance Grain locations for voice/data communications and corporate network access. Because of the geographic distance between these locations, a wireless solution was the most feasible solution. The solution needs to be cost effective and easy to manage.


  • 5.8GHz Ubiquiti wireless radios
  • Ubiquiti ToughCable & ToughSwitches
  • Outdoor-rated NEMA weatherproof enclosures


  • Shared Internet service across all locations
  • Large bandwidth backhauls for corporate network access, file sharing, and collaboration
  • Centralized firewall, content filtering, and security services
  • Monitoring and alerting via AirControl management system