Overcoming Hurdles

Prairie Central Coop's network infrastructure was beginning to show its age. They contacted MCS to get recommendations and guidance on how to best manage their ongoing technology needs. As they grew, they wanted to increase reliability of their extended network, and replace aging fixed wireless links between their locations.

They selected MCS to begin replacing old equipment with new. In addition, once the new network links were in place, they were able to utilize a VoIP solution to reduce costs between locations. They were also able to implement network-based surveillance at many of their locations.

Lisa Herr, Controller, had this to say about how MCS was able to help meet them during their network expansion:

"At Pontiac, we did have a few challenges, but it didn’t last as long as I expected. I was able to be up there with them and we took a walk around our Pontiac facility and tossed around different ideas for the future. It was good to be able to listen to ideas and explanations of how devices could work on our network. I really felt like I learned a lot. I can’t say enough how good I feel about how this project has turned out. Aaron does a really nice job communicating and explaining what he’s doing. I’m thankful for our relationship and hope it continues to grow."

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Prairie Central needed to upgrade and replace parts of their network due to age.


  • Ubiquiti wireless radios
  • Ubiquiti ToughCable & ToughSwitches
  • Milestone camera software
  • Outdoor-rated NEMA weatherproof enclosures


  • Replace aging network devices
  • Enable VoIP capabilities between locations
  • Increase reliability and optimize network layout
  • Enable video surveillance at several locations
  • Large bandwidth backhauls for corporate network access, file sharing, and collaboration
  • Centralized firewall services
  • Monitoring and alerting via AirControl management system