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After many months of meetings and number-crunching the merger of Topflight Grain and East Lincoln Farmers Grain became effective in late 2014. East Lincoln Farmers Grain, now called Topflight Grain West, includes elevators at Atlanta, Beason, Johnston Siding, Kruger, and Lawndale. Topflight needed those new locations connected to the corporate network. MCS was selected to integrate the new locations into the rest of Topflight's network.

Planning for integrating the TFG West locations into the existing Topflight Grain network began in earnest shortly after the harvest season. MCS decided upon a solution using Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC radios to connect these new locations.

The expansion project took advantage of the next generation of wireless equipment, utilizing the new 802.11ac wireless standard. MCS was also able to implement some improvements across Topflight's entire network. Servers at various locations were upgraded to the latest version of Windows Server, while core backhaul links were upgraded with the same higher-bandwidth radios used at TFG West.

The equipment is owned by Topflight Grain themselves, so there are no monthly charges. Each location has a small NEMA enclosure up-top with power and a switch.

Shortly after the new network came online MCS began implementing the Agris oneWeigh scale system at the TFG West locations.

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Topflight Grain Cooperative had merged with East Lincoln Farmers Grain. Connect the former East Lincoln locations to Topflight's corporate network, and perform various upgrades throughout the organization. Set up the Agris oneWeigh system at the new TFG West locations.


  • Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC-500 wireless radios
  • Ubiquiti ToughCable & ToughSwitches
  • Outdoor-rated NEMA weatherproof enclosures


  • Extend the TFG network to include the additional locations
  • Integrate TFG West locations back into TFG corporate systems
  • Scale automation using Agris oneWeigh scale management system
  • Large bandwidth backhauls for corporate network access, file sharing, and collaboration
  • Centralized firewall, content filtering, and security services
  • Monitoring and alerting via AirControl management system