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Surveillance Solutions

When? How? What? Where? It's been recorded.

IP-based cameras allow for maximum surveillance coverage and peace of mind.


Surveillance solutions allow our customers to monitor their facilities, whether it be a business or residence, with the ease of their computer, phone, or tablet. MCS Office Technologies provides superior surveillance solutions, provide a dizzying array of configurations that suit your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible. Surveillance hardware and software can be configured as you see fit, including the resolution, frame rate, quality, storage, and more.
  • Motion sensing. Allows you to specify certain areas that record only when movement is detected, saving storage space.
  • Configurable. Many options exists, including messaging features for motion detection and other customizable features.
  • Remote access. IP-based cameras can be viewed remotely through supplied software or even from a smart phone!

Peace of Mind

Watch over anything and everything inside and outside your home or business with surveillance cameras. Our video surveillance systems allow users to monitor live activities as well as track and view previously recorded events. We partner with leading manufacturers so our team can design and install the right system to fit your needs.

Surveillance Options

Case Study

One Earth Energy utilizes Axis IP-based HD cameras throughout the plant to ensure safe operation and awareness.