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Wireless Solutions

How often do you say "wireless", "reliable", and "cost-effective" in the same sentence?

Our wireless point-to-point solutions create reliable, high-speed networks for customers that reduce yearly networking costs


The point-to-point wireless solution connects office locations over large distance using today's latest wireless technology. Wireless antennas provide a way to share Internet and business data in a cost effective manner that could not be achieved with conventional methods. Where traditional land-based wires would not be feasible, wireless provides the perfect combination of speed and flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordable. Wireless solutions reduce initial and long term costs by reducing labor hours and contracting underground wires.
  • Controlled. Software products allow remote management and configuration of particular wireless points.
  • Secure. Centralized security devices, such as firewalls, keep unwanted intruders out but allow the network to utilize one entry point.
  • Compatible. The solution works with existing networks or traditional wired networks that run throughout an office.

Alliance Grain, with locations spread throughout Central Illinois, uses a 5.8GHz Ubiquiti solution. By connecting all locations, Alliance Grain is able to increase productivity and minimize TCO.