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Video Surveillance

We specialize in:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Building Security

  • Bank Vaults & Drive-ups

  • Interrogation Rooms

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Explosion Proof

  • Remote Video Solutions

  • Multi-Site Surveillance Systems

Project Timeline

Contact Us

Contact us and give us a brief summary of your project.  Let us know the specific objectives of the video surveillance system, such as monitoring for security, safety, or operational purposes. We will schedule a site survey.

Site Survey

We will conduct a thorough survey of the site to assess factors such as layout, lighting conditions, potential blind spots, and areas of interest for coverage. Show us where your main pain points are and we can prioritize areas or assets requiring heightened monitoring.


MCS will research and develop a detailed system design and layout plan, including camera placement, coverage areas, network infrastructure requirements, and integration with existing security systems or infrastructure.


MCS will procure necessary equipment and materials, and engage qualified vendors or contractors for the installation of cameras, mounting hardware, cabling, network infrastructure, and recording/storage devices. Configure cameras, recording devices, and monitoring software according to the approved design, ensuring compatibility, optimal performance, and integration with other security systems or platforms.

Test & Train

Conduct comprehensive testing to verify functionality, image quality, coverage, motion detection, remote access, and alert/notification features. Provide training to relevant staff on how to operate, monitor, and maintain the surveillance system effectively, including procedures for reviewing footage and responding to incidents.

MCS Office Technologies
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